Our Team

Meet the team behind E2E and everything that gets accomplished. Each one brings a unique skillset. We don't believe one developer can know everything, so each of our team specialises in a field.

Matt McMahon - Web Developer

Matt McMahon

Director & Web Developer

Matt is a man of many talents; his skills lie ‘behind the scenes’. He pushes the envelope of what is possible to provide our customers with a truly unique experience. Matt runs and optimises servers for E2E Studios, ensuring that they run smoothly. His incredible experience in PHP, MySQL, Laravel and other languages makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

Eilidh Moyes - Graphics & Social Media

Eilidh Moyes

Graphics & Social Media

Eilidh is a creative powerhouse with a flair for design. A designer by trade, Eilidh has supported the socials of high-end brands and has spent her career creating stunning graphics for print and digital work alike.

Blessed with an eye for detail, she pays meticulous attention to every last pixel on screen so that all of your visuals are cohesive and represent the quality you're looking for while maintaining a consistent tone of voice across channels.

Michael Pardon - Web Developer

Michael Pardon

Director & Front End Developer

Michael is a veteran HTML, CSS, JavaScript and optimising for mobile & search engines expert. He knows how to make websites look good in different browsers and devices.

He does this by using his extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web programming languages to ensure the site functions well on all platforms. Michael has experience working with both large-scale websites as well as small sites that are just starting out because he understands what it takes to get them off the ground and moving forward in a competitive space.