Who are we?

Before we get into it, what does E2E even mean? It stands for "End to End" and it was chosen because it matches the ultimate goal we had in mind when forming: to create not just websites, but a partnership and a long-lasting relationship with all of our clients by providing a service from beginning to end for all of their needs. Matt McMahon & Michael Pardon both formed E2E in April 2020. They have experience working as part of organisations' website development, analytics and improvement roles as well as freelancing website design and development.

Everyone has a shared vision and approach to what they want to do within the industry: we eat, live and breathe development! We don't do quick and easy websites; we take care and pay attention to details to build the perfect website for our clients' individual needs. We don't believe we know everything there is to know about websites, social media and lead generation and we'd question anyone that claims as such in this ever-evolving industry. What we do is continue to research the latest technologies and practice and perfect what we do best.

About E2E Studios

Before we started E2E Studios, we'd heard so many "war stories" from people regarding rogue developers or designers not listening or building what they needed. Our goal is to always put our customers' visions first - their success is our success.

Eilidh Moyes joined us five months into our journey; she showed an admirable tenacity and determination in supporting her clients and we wanted to bring her on board to share that same enthusiasm and drive with her. Since she's joined we have been able to add more elements to our "E2E" options: supporting our clients with graphics design and social media management.

Our Mission Statement

To create and nurture a safe and supportive environment, to work in partnership with our clients for the long term. We do this by consulting our clients throughout the process with new ideas to help them grow

Our Team

We are a small and dedicated team with a diverse skill set, able to offer front-end and back-end development, graphics design and social media management. As we continue to grow we will be looking to expand to further into marketing and content writing.