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The Spidey Challenge

We threw on our capes and came to the aid of the Stockport Spidermen - but how would we put across the fun and positive vibe that they bring to people? How would we meet these requirements and avoid the plain, sterile feeling that has become so common on websites today?

The site had to be Spiderman themed - that should go without saying! It had to be something that adults and children alike could enjoy. Navigation had to be quick and easy - nothing too flashy, but with all the fun and joy that the Stockport Spidermen have been bringing to people over 2020.

In our HQ, we brainstormed and looked at Marvel image comics and dug through the comic book collection of our designer for inspiration. After all, Spiderman is first and foremost a comic book character.

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The Solution

Stockport Spidermen Swinging

We wanted to make this site as fun as possible, while also being totally functional. WordPress and other building platforms would not give us what we wanted, so we opted for a fully custom-coded option and a custom-built admin area so the heroes could update their own profiles, plus add new press links and content to the kid’s corner.

From our planning and looking at other websites, we decided to make this one a little different. We have taken a classic comic book page layout to place text and content into, making the readability and flow of the site like a comic book - something the kids and Spiderman fans can really enjoy.

Red and blue colour scheme? Well, it's only natural we went with this scheme as it's the trademark colours of Spiderman himself. Add in the webbing, and we were on to a winner!

Stockport Spidermen Brand Colours

Now, the font. To bring together our comic book vibe we needed a particular type of font... and no, Comic Sans was not an option! We looked into a range of comic fonts as well as the blocky fonts Marvel have recently used. After searching high and low, our answer presented itself in the form of a fun font that we could add a classic shadow to: "Luckiest Guy". It tied in well to the Stockport Spidermen logo itself. Hooray!

Stockport Spidermen Typography

We could give a page-by-page rundown but we think it's better if you see it for yourself - go have a play.

The Benefits

The client now has a totally unique platform where they can put vital updates about their work, giving their following one place to get the information they need quickly and easily.

Other Benefits include:

  1. Uniqueness - No templates here. It's all custom built to suit their needs - a site as unique as the webslinger himself.
  2. Speed - It would be a challenge to include these features and content without stumbling across some slow load times. This custom-coded solution makes this easier and quicker to load - we can keep track of the load times without any third party plugins getting involved. The site will definitely be faster than Rhino.
  3. Security - The security of a website is highly important not just for data protection but for search engines as well. To keep ranking higher on the old Google we need to have a fully-secured site! Using unvetted website builders and plug-ins exposes your site to potential bugs and security breaches - and often these breaches come from another site that isn't connected to yours, you just happen to be on the same platform. Dr Octopus won’t be getting in here.
  4. Scalability and flexibility - The custom-coded solution has room to grow and be flexible without outside plugins or third party items restricting that growth. Stockport Spidermen won’t be hanging around waiting on third party items to update. They will be swinging their way to victory!
  5. Optimised to suit the Individual - The user's journey has been optimised to help them find the content they need right from the word go. Capture data and analytics in a seamless manner - no fiddling with multiple CRMS and analytics reporters. Capture that moment as quickly as Peter Parker's camera trigger.

The Result

We think the end result is a fantastically fun and interactive experience for users young and old, giving the Stockport Spidermen something truly original to help further their good work.

The site itself is fully optimised for various platforms including desktop, laptops, tablets and mobiles so anyone can enjoy it anywhere.

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